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University tennis club "Unicourt"


National tennis center of Ukraine.  Situated in central part of  the city between a park of the name of T. G. Shevchenko and a zoo, behind the main building of  V. N. Karazin Kharkov National University. 

For trainings outdoors the club has 12 opened tennis court with a modern coverage of "Tennisit".  The central court is equipped with tribunes for 700 seats, the "first" is for 250 seats.  Training walls general length of which more than 100 meters.  Small stadium with racecourses and sectors for employments on physical and special training.   Administrative building with methodical and medical rooms.  The palace of Tennis has been at work since 1990. 

The hall on 2 full size tennis court for sportsmen SDYUSHOR and club members, the coverage of "Deco Turf".  The hall on 4 shortened court for students and teachers of the University, children, veterans and amateurs, the coverage of "Hard".  The gym for employments on special physical training and fitness, imitative tennis exercises, the coverage is "Linoleum". 

The training hall with foamed rubber walls and portable net for small children (4-7 years old), the coverage is "Parquet".  The museum of ancient tennis rackets and history of the club in pictures.  Apartment of the club with a library and a large hall for rest and communication, the video-archive of the club and international tournaments, jazz corner and stands with rewards and prizes which are a great value for the club.

  At the moment more than 1500 persons practice in the club.